how many adults were on the titanic

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1. CHILDREN OF THE TITANIC Their story - Adams Memorial Library

I thought I must have been dreaming. It was so beautiful. Everything was so new.
They call it "The Floating Palace" because of the fancy restaurants, reception
room and staterooms. There were so many people, too. When we

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2. Titanic Facts and Trivia

Even though Titanic was ultimately owned by American business interests, the
Ship was built in a. British yard ... required to carry more than sixteen lifeboats,
regardless of the actual number of people onboard. When she left ...

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3. The sinking of the Titanic, 1912 - The National Archives

As this enquiry reveals, not all the people of Europe, nor all the passengers on
the. Titanic, shared in this luxury. The fact that 11 million people were prepared to
uproot themselves for an uncertain new life in America be

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4. Project on The Titanic. -

Project on The Titanic. There were many wealthy people on board availing of a
trip of a lifetime. These people were wined and dined in style. They were the
people who travelled in first class. Many
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5. Voices cast upon the sea : Minnesota's Titanic - Collections

Many im& migrants bound for Minnesota were going there to work mines, fell
tim& their way through the European con& tinent…including a stopover at FiatÕs
..... People began to appear in the companionways, sport&a

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6. Questions for the Titanic database - Learn NC

Name: Questions for the Titanic database. 1. How many passengers on the
database were under the age of 21? 2. Who was the oldest passenger named on
the database? 3. ... 8. How many people on the database who surviv

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7. The Finns on the Titanic - Siirtolaisuusinstituutti

on the 10th of April 1912, she was carrying a total of 2,227 people from over 25
coun- tries. At least 63 of those were from Finland, and only twenty of them would
ever reach. America. The rest of them met an untimely death when th

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8. Titanic Passengers Logistic Regression - JMP

Titanic Passengers. Logistic Regression. Key ideas: Logistic regression, log odds
and logit, odds, odds ratios. Background. The sinking of the RMS Titanic is one of
... some groups of people were more likely to survive than

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9. titanic math.jpg -

Titanic Math. Name. Answer the following questions, make sure to show your
work. 4_. 1. On board the Titanic were 14 life boats. Each life boat could hold only
65 people. How many people could have safely made it aboa

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10. Describing Titanic - The Salariya Book Company

Fact: No one knows for sure exactly how many people were on board Titanic for
her maiden voyage, because of some confusion over passenger lists and due to
the fact that many bodies were not recovered from the sea. The

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